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By Andreea • Art of ..., Hobby, Marketing • 17 Jul 2012

I love music, I love many different musical styles from all the corners of the world. And music is making my work easier, especially if it’s on a chill out smooth jazzy note for an intense focus (this radio is my favourite for this or on a fast paced note for a pumped up  moment or event.

And I absolutely love to dance. Besides the spontaneous and probably very amateur like dancing on all the rhythms that I like in the moment (it can be punjab banghra, arabic sound, hip hop, rnb, clubbing mixes, latino or many other traditional or non-traditional sounds), I also learned the proper steps and how to dance a pretty good salsa, bachata, merengue, forro (and I am thinking to try out some dance classes for zouk, tango and swing that I found in Munich).

However, out of all the dances that I’ve tried until now, most of all I enjoy dancing Forró, my beloved Brasilian dance, you can get a glimpse of the Munich community of Forrozeiros and Forrozeiras in this video:

When it comes to music that makes me dance, yes it’s helpful to know the proper steps to dance on, but in the end I don’t need to know the proper steps in order to start moving, dancing and enjoying. I just love to dance as I feel, according to the music rhythm, according to the message that it transmits to me.

Because dance is freedom, dance is acceptance, dance is making me feel home wherever I am.

And I love this site and the photos and dancers quotes from it: youknowyoureadancerwhen:

Dance is freedom.


How are these hobbies helping me out in my professional life, for marketing’s purposes? 


Because I am a real ad consumer, I love to dance and I’m listening to many musical styles from all over the world, I’m going to many live concerts, less known many times, I can give some good inputs on what music or style of music is good for a commercial or for a company’s gingle, event, promo etc and sometimes, I even know what artist or band I can ask to compose your unique rhythm if it’s needed.

Work with me and put my dance/ music hobby to work for you.

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